Doug Liman‘s Fair Game, the story of Valerie Plame starring Naomi Watts and Sean Penn, won’t premiere for another few weeks at Cannes but it has already found a domestic distributor. Deadline reports that Summit, the distributor of the Academy Award winning The Hurt Locker has closed a deal for domestic rights. In a distributor screening last week Deadline reported:

Word is that the screening went well and a couple offers are already in. While this film will never be a favorite of the Fox News Channel, its success might well hinge on how well it steers from polemic about a Bush Administration nobody much cares about anymore, and into a relationship drama akin to Michael Mann’s The Insider. From what I’ve heard, Penn’s Wilson character comes off a bit preachy and, given Penn’s liberal politics, it will be interesting to see how that plays.

I’m eager to see Liman return with a good film after the horrendous Jumper. Summit has quite a good track record, even showing solid returns for the recently limited release of The Ghost Writer.

Are you looking forward to Fair Game? Is Summit a good choice?

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