Unless something goes wildly disastrous, Harmony Korine is set to have his first major hit on his hands with his satirical youth party/crime film Spring Breakers. Released in limited theaters last week, the film grossed a mighty impressive average and is expected to break out in over 1,000 theaters this weekend thanks to upstart distributor A24.

For those of us that have questioned if Korine will stay in the spotlight or go back to a Trash Humpers-esque oddity for this next effort, we finally have some details tonight. According to Deadline, the Gummo director will be teaming with a major producer for his next next film, John Lesher (End of Watch, Blood Ties, Birdman and Black Mass). While there is no title or even a hefty plot line, this new project is said to involve “a multi-generational family of criminals in the South.”

This means Korine will roughly be sticking around the same location as the Tampa Bay-set Spring Breakers, and we can only hope James Franco‘s Alien makes a cameo — but that’s not all. Word has it the director is also working closely with Spring Breakers producer Megan Ellison and her Annapurna Pictures on multiple projects. Unfortunately, that’s everything we know regarding what Korine has coming up, but it’s safe to say many more eyeballs will be on his work following his latest projects.

Would you like to see Korine do something commercial next or head back into familiar territory?

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