After premiering at Toronto International Film Festival last fall, it’s been a long wait to see Sound of Metal. Like most distributors this year, Amazon Studios had to rethink their plans, first setting the acclaimed drama for an August release, but now going to more prime awards season debut with Riz Ahmed at the forefront of the likely campaign. Directed by The Place Beyond the Pines writer Darius Marder, the drama follows Ahmed as a drummer who begins to lose his hearing. Ahead of a November theatrical release and December debut on Amazon Prime, the first trailer has finally debuted.

Jared Mobarak said in his TIFF review, “Sound of Metal opens with Riz Ahmed’s Ruben sitting at a drum kit while guitar distortions deafen us. Eventually, Olivia Cooke’s Lou starts screaming as his sticks connect for a steady beat until all hell breaks loose. We’re in this venue with them, the in-close camerawork proving Ahmed’s lessons paid off because he is in a groove and rocking out (not that he needed help on the second part considering his rap career as Riz MC and one half of Swet Shop Boys). With line drawn tattoos covering his chest, bleach-blonde hair, and that screaming, you’re probably assuming the after show will consist of booze and drugs before the visuals cut to a new day of health shakes and eggs in an RV. Appearances can be deceiving.”

See the trailer below.

Sound of Metal opens in theaters November 20th and premieres on Amazon Prime Video December 4th.

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