Sight and Sound have unveiled their top 50 films of 2023, led by Killers of the Flower Moon and, somewhat humorously, featuring a tie between Barbie and Oppenheimer for the number five spot. Voted for by the magazine’s international pool of more than 100 critics, the top 50 features some of the more adventurous selections, with The Beast, All Dirt Roads Taste of Salt, Close Your Eyes, Trenque Lauquen, The Human Surge 3, Inside the Yellow Cocoon Shell, Afire, and Evil Does Not Exist all taking a spot.

When it comes to his win, Martin Scorsese said: “I’ve been so heartened by the response to Killers of the Flower Moon. To have been able to make this picture, at this time in my life, and to see it so appreciated by so many, and by the Osage community in particular. . . for me, it’s grace.

“When I was told that it had topped the critics’ poll at Sight and Sound, I have to say that I was moved. The magazine has been so important to me, for such a long time.

“As far back as I can remember, I’ve seen the cinema ridiculed in so many different ways. Over the last few years, the ridicule has reached a new level. The cinema has been culturally devalued, from all sides and at a constant pace. Anyone who loves the cinema needs to stand up for it. What I don’t mean is the idea of movies as a kind of cultural messaging delivery service, which can actually play a part in the devaluation. What I do mean is the art of cinema. Period.

“I’ve been subscribing to Sight and Sound for 60 years. And when I look through the pages of the latest issue, it always lifts my spirits. Why? Because it’s made and maintained by people who care. People who love our art form. Please keep it that way.

“Thank you for your recognition of Killers of the Flower Moon.”

See the top 10 below and the top 50 here.

1.           KILLERS OF THE FLOWER MOON (Martin Scorsese)

2.           THE ZONE OF INTEREST (Jonathan Glazer)

3.           PAST LIVES (Celine Song)

4.           POOR THINGS (Yorgos Lanthimos)

=5.         BARBIE (Greta Gerwig)

=5.         OPPENHEIMER (Christopher Nolan)

7.           PASSAGES (Ira Sachs)

8.           ANATOMY OF A FALL (Justine Triet)


10.         MAY DECEMBER (Todd Haynes)

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