The romantic comedy Save The Date does a lot of talking – an element we pointed out in our Sundance review last January – but you wouldn’t know it from watching its new promo. The elegant silence is a drastic change from the last trailer, which contains plenty of the relationship-centered discourse expected from a film of this genre. But who needs insight to plot, dialogue, or characters when we all know audiences are more interested in seeing beautiful people (namely stars Lizzy Caplan and Alison Brie)? See the new trailer courtesy of First Showing below:

The opening line – which compares the film favorably to classic rom-coms like Harold and Maude – sets a high standard for director Michael Mohan‘s indie. Its story of two sisters trying to navigate their respective love lives doesn’t sound nearly as captivating as, say, a suicidal young man falling for an elderly woman, but who knows – maybe it will surprise me.

Save The Date – which also stars Geoffrey Arend, Martin Starr, and Marc Webber – is now available on VOD, and is scheduled for limited theatrical release on Dec. 14th.

Are you a fan of rom-coms? Does Save The Date look like a potential winner?

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