Although he left us nearly two decades ago, Saul Bass has left his stamp in the world of posters and with the many rush jobs coming out of Hollywood, it’d be nice to his style peek out a little more often. With the Academy Awards approaching, an artist has taken it into their own hands to honor the legendary designer. Geminianum has crafted one-sheets directly inspired by Bass’ posters for nearly all the Best Picture nominees (don’t worry, we’ve forgotten American Hustle too).

Each of these posters are tied to an original work by Bass (i.e. The Wolf of Wall Street, our favorite of the batch, comes from the West Side Story mold). So, try and guess them all, but if you need some help, uncover the originals over on their Tumblr post. Check out all the posters below and if one wants to learn more about Bass, watch a short documentary we shared last year.

Which is your favorite? How many did you guess correctly?

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