Update: The film will be produced by Netflix, Deadline reports, and will likely be “set in the world of high-end card collecting.”

With Good Time being a calling card to a bigger playing field, the Safdies truly broke through with Uncut Gems, a $50-million grosser that reminded audiences that Adam Sandler could indeed still stretch his dramatic muscles. After some rumours earlier this year, it’s now confirmed the NYC-born filmmakers and star will reteam for a new collaboration.

Sandler confirmed the news to Vanity Fair in a new profile, with the update shooting would be kicking off within a few months, saying, “I’m going to do a movie with the Safdie brothers and we’re supposed to start in the late winter, right. So part of my brain right now is like, ‘I’m on tour.’ Then once that Safdie brothers movie starts—and I love those guys, I know we’re going to dedicate ourselves into working our asses off and making sure it’s as good as it can be, and I know that takes a lot of time. So part of my brain is going, ‘Wow, once that movie starts I’m in deep and our lives are going to change.’ Like everybody, when you work hard you’re tired, you’re knocked out, and you miss out on some stuff that you wish you could’ve seen. But ultimately, I know it’s going to be a few months of going after a goal that we all feel the same about. We want to do the best we can.”

He added, “I see how hard they work, and just like when I’m working on my comedies with my friends, it means a lot to us. Every joke means a lot. The Safdie boys, every word means a lot to them, every frame of the movie means a lot. So I don’t want to walk through anything. I care about it, and I respect those guys so much.”

While no specific plot details were unveiled, Sandler also briefly discussed the film this summer with his Uncut Gems co-star Kevin Garnett, revealing it takes place in the world of sports and A24 may not be involved. Check his comments around the 47:50 mark as we expect a late 2023 release for the project.

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