Update: Baumbach’s next film is titled Jay Kelly and will begin production this March in NYC and London, Production Weekly reports.

Having escaped punishment for White Noise, Noah Baumbach will continue a Netflix deal with perhaps the highest-profile casting of his career: Adam Sandler (reuniting from Meyerowitz) and George Clooney will lead an untitled, “funny and emotional coming-of-age film about adults.” This ostensibly describes, say, every single film Noah Baumbach’s ever made; what’s more interesting is that this feature’s co-written with Emily Mortimer, whose only previous scripting credits are the TV series Doll & Em and The Pursuit of Love. Seems casting her kids in White Noise proved fruitful? [Deadline]

Making for an especially good day in a certain New York household is word Greta Gerwig will lead next year’s Cannes jury. Given her cinephilic interests, one can presume she’s a strong choice. As the Barbie awards tour continues––thus far yielding the revelation Baumbach’s initial response to the film was “you have to get us out of this”––expect more on that and the new feature in coming months.

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