If you’ve successfully steered clear of the spoiler-filled trailer, per our recommendation, then you will soon be treated with the best experience possible for one of our early favorites of 2015: Marjane Satrapi‘s The Voices. One of the best times I had at last year’s Sundance was going in blind to the film and today we have a batch of exclusive new images that thankfully preserve the twists and turns.

I said in my review, “Written by Michael R. Perry (Paranormal Activity 2), the Black List script has shifts between a hysterically goofy tone and deeply unsettling sequences, a delicate balance that could have easily fallen flat under other direction. But Satrapi’s exuberant approach — in both the colorful palette of lighter scenes and the dingy style of, we’ll just say, their opposite — leads to a film in which every frame was clearly thought out. While some may find The Voices repetitive and altogether off-putting, those that are on-board with its distressing comedy will find both an acute exploration of mental illness and the makings of a cult classic.”

Check out the exclusive new images above and below for the film also starring Ryan Reynolds, Anna Kendrick, Gemma Arterton, and Jacki Weaver.





The Voices hits VOD and theaters on February 6th.

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