Aside from Arrested Development (which is miraculously in production as we speak for a fourth season), there are few TV shows-turned-potential-movies that have been more discussed than a Party Down feature. The gang, which includes Adam Scott, Megan Mullally,  Ken MarinoMartin StarrLizzy Caplan, and Jane Lynch, have been often rumored to get back together for such a film, but it’s been difficult when they’ve all had busy careers.

We got an update from Mullally earlier this year, which hinted at a summer start for production but since that is now a distant hope, I was worried we’d never see the film or financing had fallen apart. Thankfully, that doesn’t seem to be the case as I popped on the latest episode of Scott Aukerman‘s Comedy Bang Bang podcast today (which I highly recommend checking out) only to hear an update from Mullally.

When asked about the possible feature she said they “are trying to get it going” but due to an unfinished script and the cast going in different directions (Adam Scott now on Parks & Recreations, Lizzy Caplan in feature films like Bachelorette, Save the Date and the upcoming Showtime series Masters of Sex, Ken Marino on Children’s Hospitaal, Wanderlust etc.), it’s been hard to wrangle everyone together. Not unlike the skyrocketing careers of the Arrested Development crew, they are now going to wait for a hiatus which means next spring or summer. But she did confirm that the backing is there for financing, as long as a script gets approved. In other words, Party Down‘ers have an excuse to get excited again.

With AD pulling it off, do you have hopes Party Down will follow?

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