If five minutes from the film weren’t enough, even more new footage from Paul Thomas Anderson‘s Inherent Vice has made its way online, thanks to another trailer and trio of TV spots. While only New York and Los Angeles will be getting the film this weekend, the new trailer highlights that a handful of cities will be holding advanced screenings on Saturday. Check out that list and RSVP here, which includes Austin, Toronto, Dallas, Chicago, Boston, Philly, and more.

We said in our review of the film, “There are many images throughout Inherent Vice that even the most perceptive eyes couldn’t describe with total confidence. I speak as much for the specific (color, shape, interactions between certain elements) as I do of the broad (why we’re seeing something from a particular angle, or what significance it might even hold — if there is any), and it’s to the film’s credit that this guessing game, for all its coinciding frustrations, never lapses into the boring. Perhaps more impressive is what mileage this conceit earns: it’s early enough that one realizes this, more than anything, is a visual translation of author Thomas Pynchon’s notoriously difficult prose styling.”

Check out the new trailer and trio of TV spots below:

Inherent Vice opens on December 12th and expands wide on January 9th.

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