The martial arts king Tony Jaa is back in front of the camera and behind the directors seat with Ong Bak 3, the third installment of his trilogy of wildly popular Muay Thai martial arts films from Thailand. Even though the films had marginal box office success, they have capitulated Tony Jaa into the international spotlight for his dazzling fighting spectacles that require no additional special effects or additional stuntmen. Despite rumors that Tony may have went a bit insane during the making of the Ong Bak 2 (something about running off into the woods to practice black magic and then reappearing two months later on national television with tears in his eyes) he seems to be back in form with this final romp through the jungle. Despite the connection of the title of the films, the plot between 1 and 2 have virtually no connection. That being said, Ong Bak 3 looks to be a direct sequel of the 2nd installment. But let’s be honest, the only thing the movies really share in common that counts is Tony Jaa kicking some serious ass.

Check out the trailer below:

Are you excited for a new ‘Ong Bak’?

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