After a hiatus where New York’s theaters closed during the pandemic, we’re delighted to announce the return of NYC Weekend Watch, our weekly round-up of repertory offerings. While many theaters are still focused on a selection of new releases, a handful of worthwhile repertory screenings are taking place.


The insanely packed “Lives of Performers” offers films by Almodóvar, Satoshi Kon, Bob Fosse, Cassavetes, Powell & Pressburger, Rivette—almost too much to count.

Film Forum

Miraculously rediscovered and restored, the Iranian film Chess of the Wind is now playing, while North by Northwest continues; Frankenstein screens on Sunday.


Recently rediscovered and restored, Wendell B. Harris’ Chameleon Street is now playing. Read our interview with Harris here.

Roxy Cinema

Screen Slate has a weekend series of 35mm horror: Anguish and Popcorn on Friday and Sunday, and House of Wax and I Know Who Killed Me on Saturday. Halloween and a print of Poltergeist play on Sunday.

IFC Center

While the 4K restoration of Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s masterpiece Cure continues and World of Wong Kar-wai keeps going, ArrebatoChristineMulholland Dr.Taxi DriverThe Shining, and House have showings.

Anthology Film Archives

A series on “Folk Horror” has begun, with the likes of The Wicker Man and Messiah of Evil.

Quad Cinema

Restored in 4K, Joan Micklin Silver’s Hester Street continues its run.

Museum of the Moving Image

A 90th-anniversary retro of Universal Horror continues, while an Amos Vogel retrospective is underway.

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