NYC Weekend Watch is our weekly round-up of repertory offerings.

Film Forum
Glauber Rocha’s Black God, White Devil begins playing in a 4K restoration; “Hitchcock’s ’50s” runs through arguably the director’s greatest decade. the Farewell My Concubine restoration continues while Summer Stock plays on 35mm this Sunday.

Anthology Film Archives
Paul Vecchiali’s classic-in-waiting The Strangler is playing in a new restoration, while the films of Martin Scorsese’s World Cinema Project are screening.

Roxy Cinema
The Josh Safdie-presented The Gods of Times Square begins a run, while The Untouchables and The Mission show on 35mm.

IFC Center
Distant Voices, Still Lives begins a run while The Exorcist, Battle Royale, Desperado, and a print of A Nightmare on Elm Street 3 play on 35mm; Oldboy screens in a new restoration.

Museum of the Moving Image
Reverse Shot celebrates its 20th anniversary with a months-long programming run, continuing this weekend with two by Stephen Cone, Manakamana, and 35 Shots of Rum on 35mm; prints of They Live and Carlito’s Way show this weekend; the rare Macario plays on Sunday.

Masc” highlights cinema on “the rich stories and courageous lives of trans men, butch lesbians, and gender-nonconforming heroes.”

Museum of Modern Art
A series on pre-revolution Iranian cinema continues.

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