While his action roles gave him worldwide recognition (particularly in the three-film streak of The Rock, Con Air, and Face/Off), as of late, Nicolas Cage‘s best work has been outside the genre, in films such as The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call – New Orleans and Joe. That could change, however, with the announcement of a new project.

Following his 12-month prison stint due to charges tied to Anthony Pellicano‘s wiretapping scandal — in which he lied to an FBI agent about previously hiring the private investigator — John McTiernan is finally returning to filmmaking this year. The Die Hard and Predator director is still tied up in financial trouble according to THR, but the production is looking to begin shortly on Red Squad, which would be his first film in over a decade.

Buried in the trade is the report that Cage is attached to the film, which follows a former DEA agent and his band of mercenaries who aim to take down a drug kingpin in a Mexican border town. Hopefully McTiernan can clear up the troubles his imprisonment caused and he’s back behind the camera soon, if only because we’d enjoy looking forward to a Cage-led actioner, a sentiment that’s rare nowadays.

Would you look forward to Cage and McTiernan teaming up?

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