Oscar-nominated Strong Island director Yance Ford returned to Sundance Film Festival this year with Power, a lively, detailed essay film that takes a deep look at the history of policing in the United States and unceasing expansion of its scope and scale, much to the detriment of marginalized communities. Another powerful, informative inquiry from the filmmaker about the failings of systems meant to protect citizens, the first trailer has now arrived ahead of a theatrical release on May 10 and Netflix release on May 17.

Dan Mecca said in his Sundance review, “‘Police power is immediate power.’ These opening words from Redditt Hudson––former police officer and co-founder of the National Coalition of Law Enforcement Officers for Justice, Reform, and Accountability––haunt and inform the entirety of Yance Ford’s Power. Ford actually opens the film over black, informing viewers that what they are about to see is ‘an analysis of police history that I’d like you to consider.’ At the very least, curiosity is required to consider the facts that will come next.”

See the trailer below.

Power opens in theaters on May 10 and on Netflix on May 17.

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