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‘Adult World’ Adds John Cusack and Evan Peters

Written by on February 9, 2012 

Hey look, another movie about young New Yorkers dealing with problems; it’s only been five minutes since the last one and I was going through withdrawals. Deadline reports that John Cusack and Evan Peters have joined the cast of Adult World, a movie about the ups and downs of post-graduate life that is currently shooting in upstate New York. The movie stars Emma Roberts as Amy, who has just graduated with a degree in Poetry (HA!) and moves back in with her parents so she can concentrate on being the next literary star.

Instead, reality rears its ugly head and with student loans and other expenses needing to get paid, Amy is forced to get a job at an erotic bookstore called Adult World. You can pretty much write the movie yourself from there. Cusack will play Amy’s hero and mentor, a poet who was considered one of the greatest back in the 90’s, while Peters will be playing a character named Manny (co-worker? A co-worker she falls in love with perhaps? Again it writes itself here, folks). Adult World is being directed by Scott Coffey from a script written by Andy Cochran who is one of the writers of MTV’s Teen Wolf show.

I can appreciate the overall story of a 20-something trying to make it post-college and it’s something a lot of people can resonate with, but there’s just something about Adult World that already feels unlikable. Young New Yorkers with problems is one red flag already, with the other being the fact we’re supposed to empathize with a character who got a degree in Poetry. A DEGREE. IN POETRY. Nothing like spending four years going into debt just to make sure no one will ever hire you. But that’s my baggage to bear not yours. Adult World may end up being a relatable story that strikes a chord with the age group, but it’s already got a few obstacles in its path. Here’s hoping the admittedly good cast they’ve assembled are ready to rise above them.

Does Adult World sound like a good movie? If you have a degree in Poetry, feel free to slap me for making fun of it. 

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