As much as a perfect swan song The Wind Rises would have been, we certainly aren’t upset that Hayao Miyazaki is already underway with his “surprise” coming-out-of-retirement film. Although details have been mighty scarce for Studio Ghibli’s new film, now that production is underway, we’re starting to get a few key updates.

First up, the title has been revealed to be Kimi-tachi wa Dō Ikiru ka, which translates to How Do You Live? and comes from Genzaburō Yoshino’s 1937 book. His seminal work follows a 15-year-old boy named Koperu and his uncle, who move to new neighborhood, as the kid deals with bullying, poverty, education, work, courage, and progress.

Why the director chose to make this his next feature is perhaps the most touching reason one could imagine. “Miyazaki is making the new film for his grandson,” says producer Toshio Suzuki. “It’s his way of saying ‘Grandpa is moving on to the next world, but he’s leaving behind this film.'” If your heart hasn’t melted yet, stay tuned for an expected release in 2020 or 2021 and in the meantime, check out covers from Yoshino’s book below as we await more details. [ANN/Rocket News/Hahu]



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