It’s about time I guess. After successfully opening a concert film (Never Say Never), it’s time for pop sensation Justin Bieber to get his The Last Song. And Mr. Mark Wahlberg wants to give it him. Wahlberg has said of the young Bieber: “The world needs Justin Bieber. Justin Bieber is like the white Tupac. Compared to a lot of people.”

Wahlberg promises “something interesting” from the duo, who pitched their idea to an interested Paramount. When asked by New York Magazine whether or not the former rap star and the current pop start would be singing and dancing, Wahlberg replied, “No, I will not and neither will he.” The man went on to call the project “more of a drama.”

Wahlberg and Bieber in a drama? In a world where Fast Five is garnering surprisingly positive reviews (40 reviews deep into RT), it’s not the worst idea. People like Marky Mark, people like the Biebs and Paramount’s been pretty smart about their tentpoles recently. Let the games begin.

Would you pay to see Bieber and Wahlberg in a “more of a drama?”

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