One of the highlights from last year’s TIFF is finally heading to theaters this May. Director Zachary Wigon’s Sanctuary, scripted by Micah Bloomberg, pairs Margaret Qualley as a dominatrix with Christopher Abbott, playing her wealthy client who attempts ending their relationship (though she has other ideas). NEON will theatrically release the film on May 19, and ahead of that debut the first trailer has now arrived.

As Jared Mobarak said in his review, “How well do you know your regular sex worker? How well do they know you? What Hal (Christopher Abbott) and Rebecca (Margaret Qualley) share may have begun as a source of fun, but it’s obviously evolved into something much deeper. It’s now akin to therapy and they both know it to be true. The problem, however, lies in how they interpret what these sessions actually provide. Does Hal need Rebecca to come and validate his fetishized insecurities so he can achieve orgasmic release? Or does she do it to empower him with the necessary confidence to lead a company that’s suddenly fallen to him upon the death of his domineering father? Can either of them really know for sure? Not with money involved. Honesty demands higher stakes.”

See the trailer below.

Sanctuary opens on May 19.

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