It’s been reported by Variety that Madonna is planning to direct the film W.E. next.  The film is a biopic that centers around the affair between King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson which then made him renounce the throne in order to marry his divorcee lover.

Madonna‘s last directorial effort, Filth and Wisdom (2008), wasn’t well received among critics (with a 28% on Rotten Tomatoes) and now she is in the process of writing the script for this new film with Alex Keshishian (Love and Other Disasters).

There is also a mention that Vera Farmiga (Up in the Air) is looking to play the role of Simpson in the film.

I’m sure there’s more than enough juicy stories about King Edward VIII to go around that can make an interesting movie, but is Madonna the right one to do it?  I won’t say nay, but I’m definitely skeptical.  Maybe she’ll steal some tricks she learnt when she was still married to Guy Ritchie?  I don’t know but let’s wait and see what happens with this one.

What do you think of Madonna directing a medieval love tale?

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