Sofia Coppola has begun production on Priscilla, her Priscilla Presley biopic starring Cailee Spaeny and, filling Elvis’ massive shoes, Jacob Elordi. Adapting Presley’s memoir Elvis and Me would suggest a much greater centering of the lesser-known spouse and a far thornier depiction than Baz Luhrmann’s abysmal biopic—a troubled, drug-dependent, jealous, unfaithful man. (An actual person, unlike God knows what the Australian was vying for.)

Saying music matters to Sofia Coppola is like revealing Spike Lee knows a dolly shot, but even still we’re pleasantly surprised she—via her new Instagram—shared a playlist made for production’s commencement. If one of American cinema’s few great needle-droppers says it’s “nice to have music in the morning while we’re setting up,” who’s to argue?

You will, probably pointedly, find no Elvis, but this selection—at turns swoony, love-struck, melancholic, heartbroken—is très Coppola: Cocteau Twins, New Order, Bryan Ferry, Prince, Elvis Costello, and (I think it’s sweet) Phoenix.

Listen below:

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