Lars von Trier is back, and he’s returning to his past for his latest project. The Kingdom Exodus, which marks the final installment of The Kingdom, premiered earlier this year at Venice International Film Festival and ahead of a New York Film Festival premiere, MUBI has dropped the first trailer and the release plan for the season.

The Kingdom I and The Kingdom II, which have been newly restored in never-before-seen director’s cuts, will launch on November 13 and November 20 respectively, ahead of the launch of The Kingdom Exodus on November 27, which will be released weekly through, fittingly, the perfect Christmas present on December 25.

The Kingdom Exodus continues and finishes Lars von Trier’s internationally acclaimed 1990s cult series classic––the ghost story about the hospital built on top of the old bleaching ponds in Copenhagen, where evil has taken roots and medical science faces a daily struggle with itself. In this final installment, sleepwalker Karen will seek answers to the unresolved questions of the series in order to save the hospital from doom. Sound asleep one night, Karen wanders into the darkness and inexplicably ends up in front of the hospital. The gate to the Kingdom is opening once more…

The new series features an ensemble cast, including Lars Mikkelsen (The Killing), Mikael Persbrandt (Sex Education), Nikolaj Lie Kaas (Riders of Justice) and Tuva Novotny (Bonus Family), with Alexander Skarsgard (Big Little Lies) and David Dencik (Chernobyl) guest-starring.  

See the trailer below along with the MUBI release schedule.

The Kingdom I – November 13

Episode 1: Unheavenly Host

Episode 2: Thy Kingdom Come

Episode 3: A Foreign Body

Episode 4: The Living Dead

The Kingdom II – November 20

Episode 5: Mors in Tabula

Episode 6: Birds of Passage

Episode 7: Gargantua

Episode 8: Pandæmonium

The Kingdom Exodus

Episode 9: Halmar – November 27

Episode 10: The Congress Dances – December 4

Episode 11: Big Brother – December 11

Episode 12: Barbarossa – December 18

Episode 13: Exodus – December 25

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