When it was revealed that his hockey movie Hit Somebody was turning from a two-part film to a single feature then, finally, a six-part television mini-series, we all assumed Red State would be cemented as Kevin Smith‘s final theatrical film. It looks like that isn’t the case, as the writer/director revealed on Twitter what his project will be and one can see it below.

There you have it, a Clerks III is in the works and while Smith says it will only happen if his co-star Jeff Anderson signs on the dotted line, one can’t imagine that will be a hard sell. While we all have different opinions of Smith, it would make a nice cap to his filmmaking career to finish where he left off, after debuting with Clerks in 1994. While that film followed the duo of Dante and Randal in their 20s, the 2006 follow-up took a look at them in their 30s and it would make sense this final film would end with them in their 40s. Honestly, we couldn’t imagine a better way for the director to go out.

Do you want to see Smith go out with Clerks III?

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