While the last red band trailer for Harmony Korine‘s twisted Spring Breakers was simply a slightly adjusted version from our initial look, US distributors A24 have now delivered an all-new raunchy tease at the upcoming March release. Still leaving much hidden for the final product, this new look is another wild ride at what’s shaping up to be the most peculiar film of the spring.

Opening with a gangster James Franco discuss his life’s mission, one can see all of the craziness below for the film also starring Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens. And make sure to read our glowing review from Toronto International Film Festival, where we said the film doesn’t indicate Korine is straying away from his odd style, rather he’s crafted a “tone poem on the emotions of youthful idiocy,” one that “penetrates the evil and melancholy lurking under pop surfaces to a point of terror and unbridled entertainment.”

Spring Breakers arrives on March 15th in NY/LA then nationwide on March 22nd.

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