Ping-ponging between major blockbusters like the Mission: Impossible and Fast & Furious franchises and indie dramas such as Pieces of a Woman and The World to Come, Vanessa Kirby has had quite a last few years. She’s now returning in Adam Leon’s third feature, Italian Studies, which follows Kirby as Alina Reynolds, a woman who at times doesn’t know her own name, over the course of 24 hours in NYC. Scored by Nicholas Britell, the film was picked up by Magnolia following a Tribeca premiere and now the first trailer has arrived.

Michael Frank said in his review, “Italian Studies could easily be described as no plot, all vibes. And those vibes largely become weirder as the 81-minute film wears on, Reynolds starting to interact with a group of high school students and learning she’s a published author with a book of short stories. But even that “fact” never seems to be confirmed. She stumbles around NYC like a child, doe-eyed and without a single piece of property besides the clothes she happens to be wearing.”

See the trailer below.

Italian Studies opens in theaters and VOD on January 14.

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