Update: Apple also has a green band trailer for the film, which can be viewed after the original entry.

It’s rare to get a worthwhile horror feature film nowadays, so packaging a mishmash of styles in an anthology seems like the smartest approach on a purely entertainment level. Premiering at Sundance, a group of filmmakers did just that for V/H/S, which follows a group of rowdy troublemakers who head to a house, discover some videotapes, pop them in and madness ensues. We mostly liked the film at Sundance (review here), although I was personally disappointed that the main storyline did little to tie together with the shorts, or even wrap up effectively.

Nonetheless, there’s quite a variety here, coming from filmmakers such as Adam Wingard, David Bruckner, Ti West, Glenn McQuaid, Joe Swanberg and the quartet Radio Silence. This first red band trailer makes the film seem like somewhat of an incoherent mess, but it’s certainly difficult to convey all these shorts in this format. Still, there’s enough blood, guts and screams to get horror fans excited. From an idea hatched by Bloody Disgusting’s Brad Miska, check it out below via Yahoo.

V/H/S will hit VOD on August 31st, followed by a limited theatrical opening on October 5th.

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