Hail Caesar 1

While we dive deep into Hollywood’s poster offerings each month to look at the best and worst studio-produced one-sheets, it’s time to put our money where our mouth is. At The Film Stage, we believe that if some care is taken, a poster can be a distinct creation unto itself that’s worthy of observation and admiration. Today is the return of our feature, Alternate Art, in which the talented designer Midnight Marauder creates an original, alternate poster for one of the month’s releases.

This week we one for the Coens’ Golden Age of Hollywood comedy Hail, Caesar!, now in wide release. Created by Midnight Marauder along with Tony Stella, it runs through the impressive cast and features the unveiling of a Caesar bust not unlike the one hat would accompany the figure in the film. Check it out below, and read our review here. We’ve also included Carter Burwell‘s full score, featuring a Channing Tatum ballad.

Hail Caesar poster

Midnight Marauder is a Los Angeles-based graphic designer, illustrator, and cinephile. Follow him on Twitter (@midmarauder) and any inquiries can be e-mailed.

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