When Lionsgate and Ghost House released The Possession last year, the Sam Raimi-produced horror film didn’t exactly redefine its genre – besides serving as musician Matisyahu’s foray into feature film acting, the title was forgettable at best. But Ole Bornedal’s Jewish twist on The Exorcist did pull in enough cash to justify a sequel, and a sequel it will get.

The fine people at BloodyDisgusting reported that Good Universe, one production company behind Spike Lee’s Oldboy, are helping to develop The Possession 2. Though a second film is certain, these early reports don’t mention whether or not it will continue the storyline introduced in the first Possession, which follows a divorced couple (Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Kyra Sedgwick) whose daughter becomes the host for a malevolent spirit known as a dybbuk. Once the project secures a writer, plot details shouldn’t be far off.

There’s also no word on whether or not Bornedal will return to direct, or if the original cast will reprise their roles, but we’ll be sure to provide updates when they surface.

Did you see the first Possession? Do you think it warrants a sequel? 

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