French extremity auteur Gaspar Noé, whom is responsible for I Stand Alone, Irreversible and the upcoming Enter the Void has signed on to direct the Garfield reboot for 20th Century Fox. The franchise unfortunately died off after the poor box-office showing of Garfield : A Tale of Two Kitties in 2006 but Noé apparently blew away Fox executives with his pitch for a reboot and they instantly agreed to start over.

The article from Variety mentions that Noé is looking to have Gerard Depardieu and Vincent Cassel for the roles of Garfield and Jon respectively. It’s assumed that Depardieu would just voice Garfield or play him in a motion capture suit a la Avatar but rumors seems to indicate that they’re just going to paint him orange.

The film will be shot in IMAX 3D for Summer 2012 release date.

Gaspar Noé’s Garfield, yay or nay?

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