In any given cinema calendar year, the slate is rife with remakes, spin-offs, reboots, etc. and while, for the most part, we collectively groan as each one passes us by, there are a few that seem to live up to, or at least honor, the original. One such example we’re looking forward to is the Ken Watanabe-led Unforgiven remake.

Stepping into Clint Eastwood’s shoes (who he actually worked with in Letters from Iwo Jima), we’ve received a few teasers for the project, set in the same time period of 1880, but now an intense full-length trailer has arrived. Converting the western into a samurai tale (two genres that share distinct similarities), the project is titled Yurusarezaru Mono and comes from Lee Sang-Il. Sorry, there’s no subtitles here, but if you’ve seen the original, it’s easy enough to follow along and one can check it out below, thanks to Twitch and the poster comparison from HitFix.

With an international bow set for next September, expect this one on the 2013 festival circuit.

Do you think this could be a worthy remake?

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