You’ve probably had the same thought, so forgive anything potentially banal—but it is, frankly, fucking insane that a new film directed by and starring the 91-year-old Clint Eastwood (pulling double-duty during a global pandemic) awaits release. If your mileage may vary on recent output, it seems undeniable the very finest work places himself front and center, a superb mingling of screen presence and legacy. Put another way: we absolutely cannot wait for Cry Macho.

With a September 17 release right around the corner, Warner Bros. have released a first (likely only) trailer showing Eastwood in his nonagenarian glory. The project, which has endured more false starts and a longer gestation than you might believe, was shot last year amidst COVID and as Eastwood turned 90, an element that’s absolutely inescapable in just this quick glimpse and adds incredible poignancy to the project—possibly Eastwood’s last, though it wouldn’t much surprise if he rolls cameras on a new project by month’s end and has it in theaters for Oscar season. However the chips fall, this is one of 2021’s major events.

Find the preview below:

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