When experiencing the fantastical worlds created by Hayao Miyazaki and team at Studio Ghibli, one feels like they are transported to these detailed universes each time they enter the cinema (or rather, now, click your HBO Max app). For the last two decades one could actually feel like they are a part of the films at Tokyo’s Ghibli Musem. However, considering how it’s on the other side of the world for most of our readers and the museum’s policy of no photography or videography, you likely haven’t gotten a peek at what awaits. Thankfully the museum is now offering up virtual tours of different sections courtesy of their YouTube channel.

In bite-sized bits, one can experience the wonder of what the museum has to offer, which feels even more special in this era of COVID-19. As seen in the videos below, Miyazaki designed the museum himself and on display are all aspects of the animation process, including storyboards, sketches, illustrations, and more. The museum also screens short films from Ghibli that one can only see there. With the official slogan being “Let’s lose our way, together,” it’s a treat to get this look behind the curtain.

Explore in the videos below (via Lifehacker) and see more on the museum’s official YouTube channel and site.

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