Last week we got the news that director Rupert Wyatt will likely not be returning for a follow-up to his summer hit Rise of the Planet of the Apes and now it seems certain, as 20th Century Fox’s shortlist has come in with a promising batch of directors. Like any shortlist, its to be taken with a massive grain of salt, but considering the vast differences in styles, the studio can likely find someone that fits.

Deadline reports that Cloverfield and Let Me In helmer Matt Reeves, who just dropped out from helming a new version of The Twilight Zone, is the top choice for Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes, but he’s certainly not the only one. Also eyed by the studio is Guillermo del Toro, quite possibly the least likely choice, while Looper’s Rian Johnson comes in right behind. Getting to stronger possibilities we have The Disappearance of Alice Creed‘s J Blakeson, 28 Weeks Later and Intruders director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, not to be confused with Juan Antonio Bayona, who is also on the list and will release his festival hit The Impossible laster this year. Last, but certainly not least, and the one most out of left field is Take Shelter and Mud helmer Jeff Nichols.

One of the main reasons given for Wyatt’s departure is his hesitancy to deliver a worthwhile film by the definitive date of May 23rd, 2014, but with a completed script bRick Jaffa and Amanda Silver, it’s all but ready for one of these up-and-comers to take over. Honestly, I’d be happy with just about anyone on the list, as the majority are relatively young in their careers and all could use the exposure. I could never see del Toro doing it, but someone like Bayona, Reeves or even Blakeson could likely do wonders here for what would easily be their biggest project yet.

Who would you like to see helm Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes?

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