A major breakout after his debut feature The Myth of the American Sleepover, David Robert Mitchell’s It Follows was a horror sensation, striking a nerve upon its 2014 release. In the years to follow, the director crafted the severely overlooked Under the Silver Lake and has been attached to a few other projects. While it looks like his mysterious Warner Bros./Bad Robot IMAX-shot movie starring Anne Hathaway has been delayed due to the strike, he’s now returning with a sequel to his horror hit.

NEON announced today they will produce They Follow, which will feature the return of Maika Monroe as Jay Height, and production will commence in 2024. While there are no plot details on the sequel yet, the first film followed Monroe’s character as a young woman who, after having sex with her boyfriend for the first time, learns she will now be hunted by a mysterious entity. The only way to temporarily stave off death is to pass the curse to someone else, who will become next on the list followed by the entity, who after killing a victim, goes to the next one on the list.

“When I have that idea, something I can do that’s really strong, I would love to go back to horror,” the director told Fangoria back in 2015. “I learned some things on It Follows, and honestly, making a horror film is very difficult. It’s tricky, and it would be nice to try to take some of those things I picked up on this movie and try to top it at some point.”

See the trailer for the original below and if you have yet to see the original, it’s now streaming on Netflix. NEON has also released a teaser poster with the tagline “It’s Everywhere,” hinting at the bigger scope of the sequel.

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