David O. Russell (Three Kings, I Heart Huckabees) is as explosive as they come, having been known to throw tantrums and fight with actors, but his movies show remarkable potential. In fact, in the first film class I ever took, we analyzed Three Kings (and you all well know, the mark of a great movie is that it is shown in film classes). I have no problem with what The Daily Beast is reporting: Russell is seeking to finish off his political satire Nailed.

Recall that production stalled in 2008, after producer David Bergstein went belly-up, and is reportedly facing a long list of unpaid debts. Finally, the flick was called off without any financial backing.

Now, Russell says that he is only one scene away from finishing it, and wants to get it done. The story is about a woman who literally takes a nail to the head, prompting her to lose her sexual inhibitions. She then goes to Washington on crusade to reform healthcare (timely). It stars Jessica Biel, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Catherine Keener.

The only scene that remains to be shot is the one where Biel takes the title nail to her head. Hopefully, the production can find some financial support to wrap it up, and make some money. The actors seem on board to get it done. And I certainly wouldn’t mind seeing another Russell production, especially this vein of satire.

Would you mind seeing this flick come to pass? What about his other movies?

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