2022 (Christ, 2022?) is on the horizon, and rest assured: Criterion continues. Their new year starts auspiciously with a mix of old and new, first-timers and returning champ side-by-side. Worth noting off the top they’re continuing their 4K rollout with John, Paul, George, and—who else—Ringo in 2,160 pixels, A Hard Day’s Night presented in Dolby Vision HDR and retaining supplements from Criterion’s 2014 Blu-ray.

New additions are Jane Campion’s The Piano, also in 4K; Garrett Bradley’s Time, by most consensus the greatest documentary of the last five years; Thomas Vinterberg’s The Celebration, which they have (rightly) crowned modern European cinema’s Yeezus; and Kirsten Johnson’s Dick Johnson is Dead, about which more here. Not to armchair-quarterback here when we say this is an outstanding selection for its breadth of form: two docs, two established classics in ultra HD, and one of the most groundbreaking films of the last 30 years all in fairly stacked editions.

See artwork below and further details on all titles here:

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