We wait. We patiently listen. We check the internet every couple of days to see if Mark Ruffalo has turned green yet. We all are interested in seeing what comes of this new Avengers film and any news that surfaces about it. Well, film goers, another piece of news has. The Avengers was set to film in Bethpage, New York, being only the second major budget film to be shot at Grumman Studios, following the recent action packed spy movie starring Angelina Jolie, Salt. But Apparently the stages found up in New York weren’t big enough to contain the enormity that is The AvengersCinema Blend is reporting that, come April, New Mexico can now be added to the list as an official location for  filming the super hero flick.

This is one of the biggest films to ever be shot in that area, which is obviously great for the reputation and economic state of New Mexico. As Governor Bill Richardson announced the news to the public, he called it “a Christmas present of sorts” to the state, seeing that it should create hundreds of jobs. Because of the Tax Breaks found in New Mexico, the state has been a popular location for the filming of recent movies including Universal’s Cowboys and Aliens and the highly anticipated Thor, which you may have caught a glimpse of after the credits in Iron Man 2. The shooting is scheduled to take place from April until September of next year.

There will also be principle photography done in Michigan as well. But of course, nothing compares to the beauty New Mexico. It  has always been known for it’s beautiful landscaped and scenery but considering that a lot of this movie will be shot in a closed off sound stage we might not be able to see the beautiful land. But no matter, we’ll see plenty of eye popping effects when it rolls into theaters in 2012.

Are you excited for The Avengers?

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