While he hasn’t lived up to his masterpiece City of God, I’m always anticipating the next work from Fernando Meirelles. His latest, Blindness, was a unique disappointment but he is now prepping his next film, 360. Written by Peter Morgan (Hereafter, Frost/Nixon), the drama already has his The Constant Gardener Oscar-winner Rachel Weisz attached, along with Anthony Hopkins. Deadline notes another addition to the eventual large cast, Ben Foster (The Messenger, 3:10 To Yuma).

It is unknown their specific roles, but the drama is inspired by Austrian playwright Arthur Schnitzler‘s Reigen and it “examines sexual morals within and between social classes, using various pairs of characters who have sexual encounters in and outside of their social classes.”

It was published in 1900, where it was highly scandalous. It was also already made into a French film in 1950 with La Ronde. As we’ve said, there will be a large cast announced due to the film being a collection of scenes where we follow one character in a sexual pairing shown with another in the next sex act and then follow that one to the next, etc.

Foster will next star in the Sundance Film Festival premiere HERE, as well as The Mechanic with Jason Statham.

What do you think about the addition of Ben Foster to 360?

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