With all of its griminess – both literally and figuratively – the ultra low-budget indie drama Bellflower seemed to get a mixed reception at Sundance last year. But its fervent and few fans stuck by its side as it went on to get a theatrical release the following summer and gained some traction. After an extended internal battle to decide if I actually liked what I saw, I came out on the positive side and can’t wait to see what’s in the future for this filmmaker gang known as Coatwolf.

We finally got some news today, but not regarding Bellflower director Evan Glodell. Instead, producer Vincent Grashaw has lined up his directorial debut, Variety reports. He’s set to helm a drama, in a similar indie vein, titled Coldwater. Co-written with Mark Penney, the film is described as revealed “the stark realities behind juvenile rehabilitation in the U.S.” The main character is a teen boy, who struggles for “survival inside a wilderness boot camp, where a retired war colonel and his counselors break inmates’ spirits to correct delinquent behavior.”

Hollywood.com also caught up with Grashaw, who called it “a more focused, organized version of Bellflower,” when it comes to the production. As for the film, the director began writing the script back in 1999 and said, it’s “got more blood on it than Passion of the Christ.” He said, “There is violence. Some pretty disturbing things that happen. But it’s all very real. It’ll be shot with a raw, realistic approach. It’s not for horror or shock value. A lot of it is based on…whether it’s stuff we heard that has happened, or stuff that will get it across what really happens in these places.”

Check out the site for more, including differences between Glodell and Grashaw, directorially speaking, as well as what the former is currently working on. Production is set to begin late this summer on Coldwater and Grashaw is hoping for a Sundance 2013 debut.

Are you looking forward to the next film from the Bellflower crew?

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