A24 has unveiled the first hilariously somber trailer for the Sundance hit The Death of Dick Long coming this September. Directed by Daniel Scheinert, he’s one-half of the directing duo known as Daniels, who first came to prominence with the internet sensation music video Turn Down for What. Following that would be their sensational and idiosyncratic first feature Swiss Army Man starring Paul Dano as a man trapped on an island and Daniel Radcliffe as the corpse who becomes his friend and savior.

The Death of Dick Long follows the trajectory of a group of friends as a seemingly normal night of band practice devolves into debauchery and the inadvertent death of the titular character. What follows is the hilarious cover-ups that ensue as the friends work to cover their tracks from their families and authorities, all with quite an amusing soundtrack.

In his review, Jordan Raup wrote, “A butt rock epic built on bad decisions with plenty of affectation for its idiotic characters, the deeply dark comedy does for small-town Alabama what Fargo did for Minnesota…. It may end up playing as a silly lark, but along with dismantling ideas of masculinity, Daniel Scheinert has also created a singularly entertaining crime comedy built on utter idiocy.”

See the trailer and poster below.

The Death of Dick Long opens on September 27.

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