After a long break Back Stage finally returns! Below you will find a collection of film-related articles, news, videos, etc. that have been found throughout the deep ends of the interwebs…or my RSS feed. Check all 47 of  them out below.

Netflix Coming To Nintendo Wii [Mashable]

The Curse of Harrison Ford [Total Film]

John Carter of Mars Shooting Next Week? [Gordon and the Whale]

Avatar Script Available For Download [Rope of Silicon]

The 100 Greatest Characters of the Decade [Rotten Tomatoes]

The Crazies iPhone App Launches [ShockTilYouDrop]

Should Will Smith Play Captain America? [Collider]

Google News Stops Hosting AP Content [paidContent]

The Gurus o’ Gold Update [Movie City News]

Films That Lured You In, Then Shattered Your Trust [NeoGAF]

Michael Cera Faces Duel Interviewers [Moviefone]

Ewan McGregor, Dennis Quaid & Michael Douglas (& More) Join Steven Soderbergh‘s Knockout [The Playlist]

5 Simple Rules For Turning Your Cool Idea Into A Screenplay [io9]

Jason Reitman‘s Up In The Air Press Tour Montage [FSR]

Yes, That’s Bradley Cooper on a Nude Beach [JoBlo]

Wes Anderson Finds New Agent [Deadline]

Babel Actress Joining Marvel’s Thor [THR]

Law and Order Going To Get Another Season Because the NBC Primetime President Loves It [AICN]

FX Nabs TV Rights For Avatar [SciFi Wire]

4 Fairytales Disney Hasn’t Ruined Yet [LA Weekly]

Comprehensive List of Fictional Restaurants is Surely Useful for Something [/Film]

Party Down Season 2 Report (aka it’s really awesome) [Chicago Tribune]

12 Steps To Becoming a Cinephile [Riku Writes via Anna L.]

Awards Tracker: An Updated Guide To Awards Season [indieWire]

No Scott Pilgrim Sequels According to Cera [First Showing]

Redbox Releases iPhone App [Gordon and the Whale]

The Internet’s Top 25 Films of 2009 [gmanReviews]

World’s Greatest Dad Now Available on Watch Instantly [Netflix]

Jay Leno Moving to 11:35 [The Wrap]

France Breaks Box Office Record [Variety]

Michael Cera Visits Jersey Shore [TrailerAddict]

Netflix Expects To Ship DVDs Until 2030 [Bloomberg]

Know Your Obscure Star Wars Quotes [Madatoms]

George Lucas Talks Star Wars on The Daily Show [Comedy Central]

President Obama Loves Lost [NY Times]

Hughes Brothers Were Approached To Direct Pirates 4 And The Lone Ranger [MTV]

IMAX to Develop Next Generation 3D Digital Camera [Coming Soon]

3 Sundance Films Getting Immediate VOD distribution [indieWire]

Michael Cera Admits He Was Skeptical (Afraid) Of Joining The Arrested Development Movie [The Playlist]

Kris Tapley Talks American Society of Cinematographers Nominations [In Contention]

Bill Paxton Wants  Twister 2…in 3D [AICN]

The Big Lebowksi, Shakespeare Style [Two Gentlemen of Lebowski]

Is Kevin Smith the First Director with an iPhone App? [Cinematical]

Arrested Development Stars Jason Bateman and Will Arnett Launch Digital-Driven Production Co. [Variety]

Maggie Grace, Possibly Salma Hayek Join Billy Bob Thornton and Dwayne Johnson in Faster [Variety]

Inception = Shutter Island [YouTube]

Avatar On Course To Sink Titanic [BBC]

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