One of our favorites on the festival circuit this past year is Anne at 13,000 ft, the latest work by Canadian director Kazik Radwanski (How Heavy This Hammer, Tower). After premiering at Toronto International Film Festival and stopping by Berlinale, it’ll make its New York premiere at New Directors/New Films and now Cinema Guild has released the first trailer. Following Deragh Campbell’s character as a Toronto daycare worker who embarks on a skydiving trip, the first preview packs a kinetic punch.

Ethan Vestby said in his TIFF review, “Anne at 13,000 ft is bolstered by an impressive performance by Canadian indie cinema stalwart Deragh Campbell; her body language and nervous, disaffected voice seemingly in tune with a jagged edit or the jitter of the camera. One almost can’t imagine the film with anyone else in the lead. In a way she functions as a mediator for a work somewhat mysterious in intention throughout, as one isn’t exactly sure as to what writer-director Kazik Radwanski is trying to specifically articulate as it pertains to Anne’s social or mental condition.”

See the trailer and poster below and our interview from TIFF with the director and star here.

Anne hasn’t been the same since the jump. While skydiving for her best friend Sara’s bachelorette party, the 27-year-old felt focused, free, above it all. Back on the ground, the pressures of her daily life threaten to overwhelm her. Her coworkers at the daycare center are constantly questioning the way she connects with the children. At Sara’s wedding, she meets a nice guy named Matt, but she can’t help bringing him into ever-more-awkward social situations. As the stressful circumstances mount, Anne prepares for another jump.

Anne at 13,000 Ft will make its New York premiere at New Directors/New Films and opens on Canada on March 20.

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