I’ve never understood the appeal of Amanda Seyfried. Despite her break-out role in Mean Girls, the actress hasn’t yet to be involved in a worthwhile film. With her last run of Jennifer’s Body, Chloe, Dear John, Letters to Juliet, Red Riding Hood, and despite a good performance in Andrew Niccol‘s In Time, they’ve all failed for the most part.

So I’m filled with disinterest when it comes to the trailer for her next film, Gone. In the thriller she goes on her own hunt for a serial killer, marking the biggest film from Brazilian director Heitor Dhalia (Adrift). The aesthetic looks like a standard TV show and not a scene from the trailer drummed up any terror, but one can see for themselves below via Yahoo for the film also starring Emily Wickersham, Wes Bentley, Jennifer Carpenter and Erin Carufel.


Jill Parrish comes home from working the night shift to discover that her sister Molly has disappeared. Jill is convinced that Molly has been abducted by the same serial killer from whom Jill escaped the year before and that by sundown Molly will be dead. The police think Jill is crazy, so she sets out alone to rescue her. Is Jill mentally ill, merely chasing shadows, or will she find Molly before it’s too late?

Gone hits theaters February 24th, 2012.

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