The young Danish auteur has been on somewhat of a hot streak news-wise lately, seemingly attached to every single interesting film in the studio system at one point or another.

He’s finally dropped off two of these projects: the long-gestating Keanu Reeves-starrer Jekyll, a modern retelling of the Robert Louis Stevenson novella (written by Revolutionary Road scribe Justin Haythe) and the super-intriguing Paul Schrader script The Dying of the Light, which was once set to star Robert De Niro and now has Harrison Ford loosely attached. [/ Film]

The director’s next film is Drive, starring Ryan Gosling, which, in Winding Refn’s own words, tells the story “about a stuntman by day, a getaway driver by night.”

The project was originally set up to star Hugh Jackman and be directed by Neil Marshall. Both have since moved from the project and on to other things.

And after that? A film called Only God Forgives: “A Bangkok-set modern Western (East meets West) that sees a Thai police lieutenant and a gangster settling their differences in a Thai-boxing match.” [/ Film]

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