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There are filmmakers who earn the title of mad genius, but Werner Herzog is one of the few where his films, his personality, and his teaching dictate and demand that the phrase be conjured. The German director recently sat down to answer questions for a Reddit AmA, where he discussed everything from his craft to finding inspiration, and some of his favorite books. Check out the best responses below, along with a trio of new posters for his upcoming documentary, Lo and Behold, Reveries of the Connected World.

On remaking Nosferatu:

On being focused for film ideas and work:

On his favorite directors:

On his favorite documentary filmmakers: 

At being shot at on set: 

Some suggested reading:

On why he made a series of video lessons, when he always suggests reading to aspiring filmmakers: 

On what scares him most about humankind: 

On if his opinion changed re: Grizzly Man central focus Timothy Treadwell:

On when Queen of the Desert might finally get a U.S. release:

On why he can’t pick a favorite film:

Lo and Behold poster 3

Lo and Behold poster 2

Lo and Behold poster 1

Lo and Behold, Reveries of the Connected World hits theaters August 19th.

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