I am currently watching Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, which has more story than this weekend’s top two grossers combined, but that’s beside the point. The estimates for Independence Day Weekend (which I remind you may change), have The Twilight Saga: Eclipse earning $69 million over the weekend, totaling $161 million in its first five days. It opened with $68 million on Wednesday, the highest opening Wednesday total of all time.

The Last Airbender placed in a distant second, earning M. Night Shyamalan an undeserved $40 million, with a $57 million total (the film was release on Thursday).

Toy Story 3 took another $30 million in its third week for third place on the weekend. It has now brought Pixar an impressive $289 million.

Farther down the list, Cyrus faired well with a slightly wider release, finishing tenth, with only 77 theaters. It earned $770,000 in its third weekend.

Check out the top 10 (movie- weekend; total)

1. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse- $69,000,000; $161,000,000 (debut)

2. The Last Airbender– $40,650,000; $57,000,000 (debut)

3. Toy Story 3– $30,174,000; $289,000,000

4. Grown Ups– $18,500,000; $77,082,000

5. Knight & Day- $10,200,000; $45,508,000

6. The Karate Kid– $8,000,000; $151,523,000

7. The A-Team– $3,025,000; $69,116,000

8. Get Him To The Greek- $1,185,000; $57,427,000

9. Shrek Forever After- $799,000; $232,182,000

10. Cyrus– $770,000; $1,488,000

Would you rather watch Eclipse or competitive hot dog eating?

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