An odd trip through the creative process, Lenny Abrahamson‘s Frank will certainly be unlike any other feature arriving this year and we recently named it our top film to see this month. Bursting with energy and an overarching sadness, thanks to a commanding performance by Michael Fassbender, I said in my Sundance review, “It’s not easy create something great in any medium and Frank shows us through all the punching, kicking, screaming, and even death, something beautiful can be formed in the end.”

Months ago we shared a recording of the song you’ll have stuck in your head after viewing, I Love You All, and now we’ve got a live performance from the film’s band. Michael Fassbender, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Domhnall Gleeson, and more stopped by The Colbert Report last night to belt out the tune, while our lead sat down with the host to discuss the film. Rock out with both clips below and see the trailer here.

Frank hits theaters on August 15th.

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