Making the jump from cinematographer to director, Wally Pfister will debut his sci-fi thriller Transcendence in theaters this weekend, and for the occasion we’re celebrating the craft that launched his career. As noted in the forthcoming documentary, the career of a “visual psychiatrist” is one that’s often overlooked, but imperative to the artistry of filmmaking.

For the 2006 documentary Cinematographer Style, director Jon Fauer  teamed with the the American Society of Cinematographers to gather 110 cinematographers, including Roger Deakins, László Kovács, Vittorio Storaro, Gordon Willis, Matthew Libatique, Bill Pope, Newton Thomas Sigel, Dante Spinotti, John Toll, and yes, Christopher Nolan‘s longtime director of photography, Mr. Pfister.

Opening up with the talented artists discussing their varied backgrounds, the documentary takes the route of intricately edited interviews, giving an in-depth portrait of their different paths. While they may differ on how they all came to the craft, there is an overwhelming consensus on the necessity of collaboration, both on a set, as well as learning from the greats that came before them. Whether you aspire to be a cinematographer or are fascinated with the craft, it’s a must-watch. Celebrate what brings films to life by checking out the full 1.5-hour documentary below.

Who is your favorite cinematographer?

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