Jesus With a Shotgun: First Insane Trailer Arrives For Alex de la Iglesia’s ‘Witching and Bitching’

Written by on March 11, 2013 

If Jason Eisener‘s recent exploitation offering, Hobo with a Shotgun, didn’t do enough to satisfy your twisted brain cells, one can leave it to the wildly creative director Álex de la Iglesia, whose latest film features Jesus himself with a shotgun. Giving us a demented trip with The Last Circus, he went into more crowdpleasing territory with his last project, As Luck Would Have It, but has returned with something violent, insane and very much something only he could create, with our first trailer for Witching and Bitching.

Explaining anything beyond the basic summary would do injustice to the imagery, but we can say the film features Hugo Silva and Mario Casas as “two hapless thieves, whose plan to rob a jewellery store unravels quickly when they have to bring one of their’s son along, the ex-wife borrows the getaway car, they end up headed to France for Eurodisney instead of the planned Morocco, and they run into a coven of witches in the Basque country.” Check out the slightly NSFW proceedings below thanks to Twitch.

Expect a 2013 release for Witching and Bitching.

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